Chicory for one health : CHIC41H

The CHIC41H Mixed Team, which was created on January 1, 2019, is made up of researchers, engineers and technicians from the Charles Viollette Institute and the Florimond Desprez (FD) company, who are working on the same research projects. Based on the « One Health » concept, the main objective of the CHIC41H Team is to create new varieties of chicory that will allow the development of new ingredients or products, while preserving the environment and health. of men and of plants.

The participants

  • Board of Directors:

    • Bruno Desprez (FD)
    • Nicolas Henry (FD)
    • Jean-Louis Hilbert (ICV)
    • Caroline Rambaud (ICV, coordinatrice de l’Equipe)
  • Coordination Committee:

    • Harmony Alves Dos Santos (ICV)
    • Thierry Cadalen (FD/ICV)
    • Audrey Debaecker-Etienne (ICV)
    • Bruno Desprez (FD)
    • Valérie Fortin-Dhellemmes (FD)
    • David Gagneul (ICV)
    • Philippe Hance (FD/ICV)
    • Nicolas Henry (FD)
    • Jean-Louis Hilbert (ICV)
    • Anca Lucau (ICV)
    • Caroline Rambaud (ICV)
    • Guillaume Saubeau (FD)

Team budget

For 3 years (March 1, 2019 - May 31, 2022), € 1,106,000 including € 40,000 for I-site grants

Specific financing FD

A CIFRE grant every 4 years, 2 master's bonuses per year

CIFRE thesis oct 2019-january2023: Justine Domont